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I was amazed at the amount of muck that he got out of the system.

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VERY FRIENDLY, WHITTY, APPROACHABLE & EXPLAINED ALL THE RELEVANT STAGES OF WHAT HE WAS DOING. Musn't forget the frontline too 'Heather' on the phone, very informative and helpful and also the brilliant webpage. ”“I recently had my central heating power flushed, Sam the engineer was great, here exactly when we agreed, he was professional, described what he was going to do and very tidy.

LEFT PREMISES TOTALLY CLEAN AND TIDY AND NOT FORGETTING A LOVELY WARM HOME! I have no hesitation recommending Power Flush ltd and Sam.

One for connecting to your Mac, and another for connecting additional trays.

By "daisy chaining" trays together, you can connect up to three trays to a single USB port on your Mac, accomodating up to 30 i Pads per USB port.

And each slot features a 30-pin USB to Apple Dock Connector or USB to Lightning cable (included) for charging and syncing.